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This Beautiful Mess

About this Item

ISBN: 9781772801361
format: Paperback
pages: 203
publisher: McNally Robinson P.O.D.
pub. date: 2017-10-28

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At six years, Catherine is nicknamed Cat for her sleek black hair and eyes that glow. As a young woman, she raises three unique children, and then sends them out into the world once they have grown. On a whim, Cat buys a vintage shop guitar and picks up where she left off when she was ten years old. She learns to play a Joni Mitchell song about circles. Circles bring people back to you, like the daughter who refuses to speak to her. When Cat meets Black Eyes, an old man who has been in and out of the music industry for years, she learns more than how to busk in the park. She learns about the beauty in chaos and the love in goodbye. This Beautiful Mess is a story about the gifts in grieving, and takes the reader down the both troubled and joyful path toward acceptance and gratitude.

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