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Canada 150, eh?

Stories by Our New English Language Arts Teachers

About this Item

ISBN: 9781772801064
format: Paperback
pages: 272
publisher: McNally Robinson P.O.D.
pub. date: 2017-05-31

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Teaching English Language Arts (ELA) is an important and complex job. Every teacher of language arts is given the job of helping students learn to read and write using language foundations.

Language arts foundations are about using language to listen, speak, read, write, view, and represent language in its aesthetic, expressive, and practical forms (Manitoba Education).

Learn by Doing: Teachers benefit through the experience of authorship, too. The stories in this book are part of learning about that important job of teaching ELA. Each teacher candidate wrote a story or a poem dedicated to the celebration of Canada’s 150th. The stories are about:

-family histories
-personal connections
-national transformation
-love for our country
-questions about ourselves
-the future to come

A fascinating transformation of personal story into print took place through the writing of this book. Each teacher’s contribution is now in print and thus has become an archive of personal writing in celebration of the 150th year of Canada. We hope you enjoy our stories. – K. Smith, University of Manitoba

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