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Ethereal and Slow Your Kisses

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ISBN: 9781772800883
format: Paperback
pages: 271
publisher: McNally Robinson P.O.D.
pub. date: 2017-02-09

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Unconditional Love is not the type of love that most humans know. We know love with attachment - believing the romantic idea that love is to be given only to that one we call The One in our lives - is the kind of love where jealousy secretly resides. The type of love where we place that huge burden called our trust on someone else, forcing them to live their life in a way where they are free, but only to a certain level. There are lines not to be crossed and although that is definitely not unconditional love, it holds so much value to us. It perhaps exists to show us how we, as humans, are capable to feel so beautifully deep. Heartbreak and bliss, desperation and passion…all emotions, when deep, are beautiful.

Fabiola Marabotto is a Canadian artist originally from Mexico. This collection of love poems appears in both English and Spanish.

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