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pubdate: 2015-05-16
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Attack of the Toga Gang

About this Item

ISBN: 9781770864429
format: Trade paperback
pages: 180
publisher: Cormorant Books
pub. date: 2015-05-16


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When thirteen-year-old Harry Fieldstone and his friends start a Poets' Club at school, they don't expect they'll be involved in anything more complicated than limericks and rhyming barbs directed towards one another. But then Harry stumbles across something unexpected - a ring. And it's not just any ring. He quickly discovers that the ring gives him a different power each day. Telekinesis one day, invisibility another . And suddenly, he and the Poets' Club are wrapped up in a centuries-old mystery. With the help of a university professor, Harry and the gang learn that the ring can be traced to ancient Rome. But protecting the artefact won't be easy: a centuries-old organization known as the Toga Gang is determined to get ahold of the ring, and they have the Poets' Club in their sights. Attack of the Toga Gang is a hilarious middle-grade novel by a Canadian literary treasure.

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