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Wild Rose

About this Item

ISBN: 9781550506365
format: Trade paperback
pages: 416
publisher: Coteau Books
pub. date: 2015-07-28


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Wild Rose, an epic story of The West, now long gone, charts Sophie's journey from underloved child in religion-bound rural Quebec, to headstrong young woman to exhausted homesteader to deserted bride and mother to independent businesswoman finding her way in a hostile, if beautiful, landscape. In language that is haunting, elegiac and rich with detail, Butala casts an unblinking eye on a merciless West that has become obscured behind headlines about wheat and oil prices. Sophie's West - filled with sodbusters and cowboys, fallen women and proper ladies, settlers and Indians - comes vividly alive in the pages of Wild Rose, Butala's most unforgettable novel.

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