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Song of the Sword

About this Item

ISBN: 9781550505801
format: Young adult softcover
series: The Shards of Excalibur
pages: 288
publisher: Coteau Books
pub. date: 2014-05-02


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Ariana's life is already pretty difficult when she starts to hear the singing - her mother suddenly disappeared, she's trying to get used to living with her aunt after bouncing around a series of foster homes, and she's taking a lot of grief from the clique of "in" girls at school. But she's also dealing with these sudden premonitions about the future, things seem to get weird whenever she touches water. And now someone, somewhere is singing to her. Soon, she's met the famed Lady of the Lake - who turns out to be an ancestor - UNDER Wascana Lake. She's acquired a nerdy sidekick, and is sent on a dangerous mission that pits her against otherworldly forces. Can she figure out what it all means, much less survive the challenge?

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