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Your House, Your Choice

Whoever Told You That What You Dont Know Won't Hurt You, Surely Wasnt Talking about Your Older House

About this Item

ISBN: 9780994863775
format: Trade paperback
pages: 150
publisher: Couronne Publishing
pub. date: 2016-08-01

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Is your house older?

Do you keep having the feeling hanging over your head about whether your house is solid or it could actually cave in on you any day?

What would it be like to have the total confidence that whatever is going on with your house, you are fully prepared to sleep like a baby at night?

Re' Peters takes you through the different processes in your older house that take place right under your nose and how to be in the driver's seat to take full control.

An expert Real Estate entrepreneur with direct experience buying and selling millions of dollars' worth of houses since 2008, he sees time and again how house owners are being talked into something that may not apply to their situation but yet have a very drastic effect on their biggest financial investment. Through stories and real practical tips, he walks you through and through on just about everything pertaining to your older house.

In these pages you'll discover:

- How to Identify and slow down the aging process of your house

- Ways to protect your house with some simple maintenance

- How to successfully deal with contractors (including a way to save some money on renovation costs)

- Things to know about choosing a good Real Estate Agent (things that you've probably never heard about)

- How to deal with Potential buyers like you've done it a thousand times before.

- much more...

This is your house and it is your choice but not all choices will take you where you want to end up. If you want to take full control over your older house and not the other way around, this is the book for you.

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