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Earl the Great Gray Owl

About this Item

ISBN: 9780993940309
format: Children's paperback
pages: 32
publisher: Maven Media Books
pub. date: 2014-12-01

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A Great Gray Owl named Earl Gray awakens on a sunny day. Knowing that it is too early for owls to rise, he closes his eyes and begins to count his blessings as he tries to fall back to sleep. His blessings include his health, his friends, his mate called Lady Gray, and their six offspring: Louis, Tommy, Nellie, Gabrielle, Duff, and Izzy. Earl and Lady are pleased that their offspring make the world a better place.

This is a rhyming story about Manitoba’s provincial bird followed by information about and photos of, Great Gray Owls.

Earl the Great Gray Owl is a transliterate book connecting story and information texts. The book is written for adults and children to enjoy, inter-generationally. Great for the budding naturalist.

Written and illustrated by Karen E. Smith. Also includes owl photos by James Duncan and Dennis Swayze.

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