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About this Item

ISBN: 9780993767203
format: Children's paperback
pages: 201
publisher: Grasmere Publishing
pub. date: 2017-11-01

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When Signy’s oddball aunt tries to conjure up the spirit of their hat-making ancestor, Allistair Marshall, Signy discovers that her family was to blame for the devastating fire that destroyed their town of Thistlewood a hundred years earlier. But when Signy and her cousin Abigail return to the abandoned Marshall home, they are mysteriously transported back in time. Next thing Signy knows, she and Abigail are helping out in the Marshall’s hat shop where they witness the true powers of their magical hats. Even with such powers in their family’s possession, however, it seems like history is going to repeat itself. Can Signy uncover Thistlewood’s darkest secret in time? Or is she doomed to always live under the shadow of her most notorious ancestor?

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