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Canadian Living

The Barbecue Collection: Updated Edition

About this Item

ISBN: 9780987747402
format: Trade paperback
series: Canadian Living
pages: 552
publisher: Transcontinental Books
pub. date: 2012-05-08

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It's grilling season again! This year, Canadian Living is back with a second helping of its best-selling grilling bible, The Barbecue Collection. Updated with dozens of fresh, exciting new recipes and mouthwatering photos, it's guaranteed to please barbecue lovers from coast to coast.

Whether you like to grill sizzling laid-back fare, such as burgers and pizza, or spectacular special occasion dishes, such as roasts and oysters, this collection has the recipes you're craving. Packed with tips and advice from Canadian Living's food experts, each chapter focuses on a specific type of grilled food, offering dozens of delicious options.

Recipes are written with clarity in mind and use techniques and equipment that are familiar to home cooks. Cooks of all skill levels, from beginner to expert, will find recipes that will delight and challenge them. With 552 pages of reliable, Tested-Till-Perfect recipes, The Barbecue Collection is the perfect combination of taste and inspiration to keep you grilling year-round.

- 11 recipe chapters, each focused on a single grilling category: kabobs; burgers; sausages; steaks, chops and ribs; roasts; poultry; fish and seafood; vegetables; pizza; salads and side dishes; and sauces, marinades and rubs
- 150+ colour photographs
- Helpful sidebars and tips sprinkled throughout
- Recipes and suggestions for simple side dishes, toppings, complementary sauces and dips to go with specific grilled dishes
- Recipes with international flair, including Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Greek, Indian, Thai and many more

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