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Teaching Elementary Physical Education In the Calm Zone

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ISBN: 9780986654305
format: Trade paperback
pages: 127
publisher: Harvey Zahn
pub. date: 2010-07-18

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In this book, new and experienced physical education teachers will discover a clear, concise, and unique approach, for implementing any curricular program that their jurisdiction requires. The startling value of this new approach is the class ‘time’ that this program creates for the teacher. Teachers need time to be off centre stage, for their own well being and to build critically important ‘relationships’ with students!

This text has two broad objectives which are realized through the application of what is called the Time Method. Teachers learn pragmatic teaching ideas described in great detail to help students develop a wide variety of skills, most especially and uniquely personal/social management skills.

The first objective is concern for the teacher. Applying some measure of the ‘Time Method’ is a step that will help the teacher be in the Calm Zone. This is short hand for being mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy while creating an effective, educational, fun, vibrant class atmosphere.

The second broad objective relates to the student. It will discuss how students can be moticated to make gains in motor skills, fitness and knowledge through having a relationship with their teacher. It is well established that having a positive teacher/student relationship is paramount in creating a receptive learner. Furthermore, it develops the student’s journey of personal self-understanding, which leads to improved social skills. Finally, success in personal/social skills is central for success in learning the wide variety of skills noted above. This books also provides brief yet detailed academic support as well as pragmatic techniques to implement all these sets of skills.

Through this process, a ‘Self Reflecting’ teacher will create ‘Receptive’ students!!

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