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Back In The Bigs

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ISBN: 9780968257562
format: Hardcover
pages: 208
pub. date: 2011-10-04

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One of the biggest Canadian sports news stories of the year, Back in the Bigs is the ultimate fan's guide to the long over due return of the Jets to their true home in Winnipeg. Telling the story by bringing the past to life, not just archives, but dozens of interviews with major players, on and off the ice. There is a direct link to the Jets' early years, which explains why NHL hockey left, but the passion never did even for all those 20-somethings celebrating in the streets who barely saw the team play.The book will track the history of pro hockey in Winnipeg, from wild days of the World Hockey Association to the Winnipeg Jet's entry into the NHL in 1979 and from the heartbreaking loss of the franchise in 1996 to its triumphant return in 2011. Randy Turner is currently a sports writer for the Winnipeg Free Press.

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