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Autumn, One Spring

About this Item

ISBN: 9780888013743
format: Trade paperback
pages: 200
publisher: Turnstone Press
pub. date: 2010-09-15

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Autumn Greene returns to her hometown after a six-year absence, uninvited to her sister Christineís wedding, the daughter she conceived in a one-time encounter with her sisterís ex-fiancť in tow. Once burned, twice angry, Christine does all she can to make Autumn unwelcome, assuming another wedding disaster. A harbinger of truth, Autumn reveals all of Christineís secrets and brings about a near-nuclear explosion of emotion and confusion among the family and wedding party. In the fallout of this strangest of romances, forgiveness emerges as the biggest challenge.Autumn, One Spring is a humour-infused drama that takes truthfulness in relationships seriously. Autumn constantly berates herself for making people unhappy when she opens her big mouth, but canít stop herself from stating frankly all she sees, hears, and thinks.Graysonís Autumn is a young woman who has transformed from a love poem-writing teenager with a crush on her high-school English teacher, Mr. Ashton, to a world-weary working single mom. Returning to her hometown brings her face to face with both Gabriel Ashton and the father of her child, forcing her to open doors to new life possibilities.Autumnís well-developed character touches a chord in anyone who has ever experienced loveís cruel injustice, and the ever-spiralling plot keeps her readers glued to the page to see what the final outcome will be.

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