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Where Nests the Water Hen

About this Item

ISBN: 9780771093876
format: Trade paperback
pages: 216
publisher: McClelland & Stewart
pub. date: 2010-09-07

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The story of Where Nests the Water Hen is as pure as the lives of the people in it - and as unforgettable. Set in the remote wilderness of northern Manitoba, this sunny, tender idyll of daily frontier life captures, as few novels ever have, the spirit and the surroundings of the pioneers - not the adventurers and trailblazers who make the headlines, but rather the humble folk who follow after and remain, living out their lives in obscurity to keep the trails open.

Where Nests the Water Hen, Gabrielle Roy's second novel, is a sensitive and sympathetic tale that captures both the innocence and the vitality of a sparsely populated frontier.

From the Paperback edition.

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