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Long Stretch

About this Item

ISBN: 9780006395836
format: Trade paperback
pages: 320
publisher: HarperCollins
pub. date: 2006-05-15


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In one apocalyptic night, John Gillis and his estranged cousinSextus confront a half century of half-truths and suppositions that have shapedand scarred their lives, their families and their insular Cape Breton community.Telling stories that unravel a host of secrets, they begin to realize that theywere damaged before they were born, their fathers and a close friend forming anunholy trilogy in a tragic moment of war. Among the roots of a complex andpainful relationship, they uncover the truth of a fateful day John has spent 20years trying to forget.

Taut and brilliantly paced, etched with quiet humour and craftedwith fiery dialogue, The Long Stretch is a mesmerizing novel inthe tradition of Alistair MacLeod, David Adams Richards and Ann-Marie MacDonald.

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