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Author: Lindsey White

media type: Compact Disc
released: May 2015
code: 778632907294

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Her music has been referred to as groovy folk-rock, baroque pop and has been showcased on stages all over western Canada and at various festivals throughout Manitoba. Writer, singer, music maker; art scar healer and creativity coach, Lindsey White is a diverse multi- instrumentalist who enjoys spending time working with creative youth.

Whether intimately on her own or filling the stage with her band, she is all about connection. Her performances have unmistakable passion and emotional depth, conveyed through carefully written lyrics presented alongside energetic musicianship.

White uses the piano and guitar to craft songs, but plays many other instruments including the flute, violin and accordion. She has released two albums: "What's New." (2005) and "This is Now." (2007) with several singles and other studio recordings following. The full length 2015 release entitled "Renegade" was produced by Mitch Dorge (drums) and features Alasdair Dunlop (bass) and Joe Curtis (guitar) as well as a companion book of poetry, prose and other writings . It promises to expand the "groovy folk-rock" label to include punk, soul, bossa nova, alternative, funk and other genres.

She believes that the creative spark exists in everyone and loves to help others discover their inspiration.

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