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Venise Game

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ISBN: 634654747075
format: Games & Puzzles
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You are taking a trip to Venice, where the famous carnival is held. While walking around, a masked lady challenges you to a gem hunt in the middle of a canal.

Use the planks to go from pile to pile to find your way through this labyrinth!

Each player picks a colour and has to collect four gems: rubies for the red player, diamonds for the white player, emeralds for the green player and topazes for the yellow player. Use your stock of planks to go from one pile to another. A player wins the game if he/she is the first to collect all 4 gems of his/her colour.

The game can then continue to determine who comes second, third and fourth.

2-4 players. 30-45 minutes per game. Recommended ages 8+.

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